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Free Realms
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Taking a Picture

To take a portrait/snapshot go to "My jobs and Equiptment" or press C on the keyboard. Then click on Equipment. You can equip your character with different clothes, weapons, etc. To the right of the Equipment window you will see your character. Above your character you will see a little camera icon. Click this icon to save your portrait.

Using a Picture on Your Profile

When you go to your userpage, click on the "Portraits" button.

You will be brought to a page showing all the portraits of your character from every time you clicked the "Take Portrait/Camera" button.

To add a portrait to your page, click "Add to Favorites" below the portrait. Once the portrait is added to your favorites, you will see it above in the "Favorites" section.

Hit the "Make Default" button to add that portrait as your default.

Now when people visit your page, they will see a stunning portrait of your uber-awesome character. The head of your character from your default portrait will also be seen in searches.

Allakhazam credits this post by Greenwarrior at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.

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