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On December 4th, 2012 Storage was introduced into Free Realms!

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Getting Started

Upon logging in every player will get a free 25 slot upgrade. This initially allows you to place 25 items into a bank.

How to Store

To store any item, all you have to do is visit any of the listed < Bankers>. These robgoblin bankers can be found at various locations. They include :

All of these bankers can be teleported to from the map.

To store an item, simply select the banker and the UI for storage will show up. Click on the item you want to transfer to your bank and then proceed to click the green arrow to the left of the item to move it into the bank.

NOTE : The same items that share the same color will be stacked, however the same items with different colors will not be stacked and will each take a separate slot.


You can increase the slot limit by purchasing slot upgrades. There are two types of slot upgrades, you can buy SC slot upgrades as well as coin shop upgrades. The coin shop upgrades are limited, the SC upgrades are unlimited.

Coin Shop Upgrades

These coin shop upgrades are categorized into levels, you must purchase the previous level to be able to buy the next. After purchasing a coin shop upgrade, it will disappear from the coin shop and only the next level upgrade will be shown.

    • 2-Slot Bank Upgrade 1 - Coins 1,000 
    • 4-Slot Bank Upgrade 2 - Coins 2,000 
    • 6-Slot Bank Upgrade 3 - Coins 3,000 
    • 8-Slot Bank Upgrade 4 - Coins 4,000 
    • 10-Slot Bank Upgrade 5 - Coins 5,000 
    • 20-Slot Bank Upgrade 6 - Coins 10,000 
    • 40-Slot Bank Upgrade 7 - Coins 20,000 
    • 60-Slot Bank Upgrade 8 - Coins 30,000 
    • 80-Slot Bank Upgrade 9 - Coins 40,000 '
    • 100-Slot Bank Upgrade 10 - Coins 50,000 

Marketplace Upgrade

This upgrade token can be purchased as many times as you wish.

    • 50-Slot Bank Upgrade - 100 SC

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