Home-Made Shelf Structures (FR)  

See also: Home-Made Walls and Home-Made Shelf Floors

If you have visited either the walls or floors tutorial, it may have occurred to you that the only thing missing is a roof.

After all, why not make a guest cabin? Or a work shed? Or a stable, or a garage, or...

The possibilities are endless!

Experimentation has proven it can be done.

Since you are reading this guide, it seems likely that you want to know how, yes?

Then let us begin!

First, a floor is needed. Unless, of course, you're making a barn or workshop where a ground floor is preferred. For this example, I shall include a floor.

Yes, flat blocks or various other methods may be used to construct a floor, including the methods from the companion guides about home-made shelf floors.

For simplicity's sake, and to somewhat echo the foundation style of a small wilds house, wooden dining tables are being used this time. 16 tables for the main floor, and 3 more for the deck or "front porch."

I found a relatively flat spot in the yard, and set them out, as shown.

Step 1

Next, begin making walls. Wall shelves, smooth or wooden, are used in this example.

Long shelves work well for the solid wall areas, and short shelves fit nicely above and beneath the windows and doorway (don't forget to make at least one doorway!).

Since wall construction is covered in a separate guide, the method will only be summarized. If more details are wanted, please follow the link at the top of this page to the guide that focuses on wall-building.

Set a long wall shelf on the floor near one corner.

Next, either use ctrl+alt+mouse-scroll to rotate it vertically and then drag into place (without releasing ctrl+alt keys).

Or, if it will not cooperate (and sometimes they will not, for no apparent reason) stack blocks as a temporary "wall" to rest the shelf against, then rotate it vertically.

Step 2 (dog not included)

If windows are desired, and for the doorway, set a short wall shelf on the floor to mark where solid walls should leave a space.

Step 3

After all the solid wall areas are in place, begin placing the shorter shelves over the tops of windows and doorways. The best method I know is to line up blocks, as shown.

Step 4

If the shelf is disinclined to cooperate, try adjusting the blocks. Sometimes the shelf will only place correctly if there are two blocks centered over the space where the short shelf belongs.

Next, make window-sills.

Step 5

When all walls and window openings are placed, the structure in progress should look something like this.


Add another long wall shelf at each end, to begin the gables.

Step 6 (character not included)

(No, you won't get my alt when you build. *grins* There seemed no way to get the angle right for the picture without him showing in it.)

Now it's time to begin the roof!

Again, there are numerous ways to approach roof-building. For this example, instead of triangular blocks, I shall continue using wall shelving.

As usual, blocks make a temporary wall to rest the shelf against.

Shelves can be picky, wanting only perfectly flat surfaces. So if one gets extra-stubborn, sometimes adding a rug to the blocks can help "smooth" the surface so the shelf will finally cooperate.

Step 7

It may also help to build temporary "scaffolding" from blocks to help you see from the top as you build.

Scaffolding can help

As before, place blocks as a temporary solid surface against which to place each shelf.

Oops! This example structure has a little poke-through from the gable. Since I'll rarely be looking at the roof, and it is on the "back" side, I chose not to adjust it. That gable-shelf was a bit off-center, and centering it more perfectly would cure that.

Adjust the next shelf of the roof-in-progress until it is placed to your satisfaction.

Step 8

Then move the blocks. What seems to work best is to begin at one end, and then go to the opposite side and move the others to line up with the one you just moved. Once the whole set of temporary blocks are properly aligned, place the next shelf for your roof.

Step 9-A

Don't forget to check the underside, before you move the blocks, to make sure you've not left a crack in the roof where you don't want one!

Step 9-B

Repeat until the roof is complete.

Finally, use short shelves to patch the holes in the gables (unless a lot of extra ventilation is wanted).

Step 10

Add an additional long shelf for an awning, if desired.

Viola! You now have an extra building in your yard, to decorate as you please!

Happy building and decorating!

It's ready to decorate!
16-table decoration example 01
16-table decoration example 02
16-table decoration example 03

It can also be made in larger sizes. For example, using 25 tables for the floor can create the following...

Larger Guest Cabin 01
Larger Guest Cabin 02
Larger Guest Cabin 03
25-table decoration example 01
25-table decoration example 02
25-table decoration example 03

I used the smaller wall shelves to create the center top of the roof, and the same method as for creating a shelf floor.

ZAM would like to thank Nocturne Windwhisper for this entire guide.

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