Home-Made Shelf Floors (FR)  

See also: Home-Made Walls and Home-Made Shelf Structures

There is a lot of vertical space in FreeRealms housing.

It would be a pity to leave all of that space unused, right?

An opportunity awaits!

While there are doubtless many different ways to build a floor, this guide will show you one way to make a floor that you can be proud of!

Many long smooth shelves will be needed, or long wooden shelves, in the color of your choice.

Since the "flicker" effect is less noticeable on the long smooth shelves, they make a better example.

What flicker effect? When two items overlap in such a way that part of each occupies the same space, they compete for which one will be displayed. So a "flicker effect" appears where the two items overlap. It's not a bug; it is simply one of the limitations of graphical displays.

So, on with the building already!

Begin by choosing where the new floor will go.

If you wish to work from above, as I prefer to do, make yourself some temporary stairs and a path to stand on, using blocks.

Next, place a long shelf to begin the new floor.

Step 1

Now comes the challenging part.

If you have good finger dexterity, you can hold down ctrl + alt with one hand, and use the mouse to rotate (scroll wheel) and drag (right-click and hold) with the other hand. That can get the shelves rotated so that they stand edge-on to the wall.

However, sometimes there will be an "invisible wall" in the way, or for other unknown reasons the shelf simply will not place where it needs to go by using that method.

Not a problem. Remember all those yellow blocks the daily spin wheel gives? Well, here's a temporary use for a few of them!

Place one block flat against the wall where the next shelf will be placed, about the width of the narrow end of a long shelf away from the one that is already placed. Then place two more blocks as straight out from that one as possible (as shown).

Step 2

The blocks should "stack" sideways without too much protest, once the first one is flat against the wall. It is important to stack them straight, so the shelf will rest properly against them.

Next place the second shelf... Oops! The blocks are too far away!

Step 3-A

Not to worry, it can be easily cured. Pick up the second shelf, and adjust the blocks toward the first shelf. Move each block the smallest bit possible, and then shift the next one to match.

Step 3-B

Place the second shelf again - oh yes, that's better!

Step 3-C

NOTE: If at any time you accidentally start moving the wrong thing, use the "escape" key. That will make the item go back to where it was, and kick you out of "decorate" mode. Then get back into "decorate" mode, and continue from where you left off.

After the second shelf is placed, move the blocks out again.

Step 4

Then place the third shelf.

Step 5

Keep going until the end of that area is reached.

Step 6

Place the final shelf of that row against the other wall.

Step 7

Exactly the same thing can be done on the opposite end of the room. However, that leaves a space in the middle. A floor with a huge hole in the middle is not quite what is wanted.

Worry not! This can be cured by building blocks out from the wall.

Step 8-A

The middle section can be filled in going either direction - matching the direction of the wall and end shelves, or crosswise to the wall and endshelves.

It takes more shelves to keep the middle going the same direction as both ends. Since that way is slightly more challenging, that will be the example.

To set the shelves crosswise, instead of matching, simply skip the Step 8's for turning the blocks to set the shelves against, and then continue placing shelves starting at Step 9.

If you want to keep the boards going the same direction in the middle as they are on both ends, you'll need to stack some blocks sideways from the first stack, to get a line of blocks going the direction you want the shelves to line up.

Step 8-B

Then remove the blocks that will not be used to make a place for the shelf to rest against.

Step 8-C

Next, build out the stack of blocks you do want the next shelf to rest against.

Step 8-D

Time to begin filling in the middle!

Step 8-E
Step 8-F

Hmm, it seems the blocks are too close. Not a problem, they move! Begin at one end, and move the end block.

Step 8-G

Then go to the other side of the block stack, and move the other blocks to match the first.

Step 8-H
Step 8-I
Step 8-J

Check the distance again - that's better!

Step 9

Place shelves against the blocks, to fill the gap.

Step 10

Then move the blocks again, using the same method of starting with one, and then going to the other end to move the others.

Step 11-A
Step 11-B

Continue until all the flooring desired is placed - but don't forget to leave a hole for the stairway, so people can get up to the new room(s) you have just created!

You have a floor!
Add stairs and enjoy!

Make a stairway, and the new room(s) are ready to decorate.

Small wilds loft with decorations (another example)
Works in Apartments, too, if you do it low enough. :)

ZAM would like to thank Nocturne Windwhisper for this entire guide.

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