Home-Made Walls (FR)  

See also: Home-Made Shelf Floors and Home-Made Shelf Structures

Most of us probably want to have private bathrooms, at least, in our homes.

Unfortunately, the coin shop doesn't offer a ready-made wall.

However - it does offer something that can be persuaded, if at times reluctantly, to become walls.

What is this mysterious item? Wall shelves!

How do wall shelves become walls?

Well, it begins by placing one wall shelf against a wall where you want to begin your home-made wall.

Then you rotate it until it is vertical, as shown.

Step one

(I am using long smooth shelves, and have highlighted the shelf to make it stand out)

Next, place some of those square blocks as a temporary "wall" to place the next shelf against.

Step two

Then place the second shelf (again highlighted) so that it overlaps a bit in the wide parts, and leaves no gaps in the narrow parts.

It may take a bit of experimentation to learn exactly how far away from the first shelf to put the blocks for placing the second. Don't worry - you'll figure it out over time.

Step three

Then move the cubes to make another temporary wall for the next pair of shelves. You will need to make them overlap the two shelves that you have already placed.

You want the edge of the second shelf to just barely show through the cubes, and then adjust the third till it lines up against the second one "just right."

Step four

Then move the blocks out again for the 4th shelf...

Step five

Repeat as needed until you get your wall long enough, and then remove the blocks.

You can also use blocks to align another shelf (I recommend using a short one) over any doorways you create, for a more "finished" look.

Step six

Viola! You now have walls!

The finished product!
Another example of finished walls.

Alternatively, if you don't need a full privacy barrier, the shelves can also be placed in a way that leaves gaps and provides only an indication of where one room ends and another begins.

For example, this picture shows a "sitting area" and a "dining area" partially segregated by a less-overlapped pair of shelves.

Another decorating method

Hopefully this will help you expand the potential of your own homes.

It is also possible to rotate the shelves vertically by holding down ctrl + alt and using the mouse scroll.

I recommend having the blocks handy, even if using the ctrl+alt+scroll method, since sometimes it is easier to fine-tune the shelf placement using the blocks as a work-around.


You can also build outdoors!
Guest cabin, or workshop, or?

ZAM would like to thank Nocturne Windwhisper for this entire guide.

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