Patch Notes for September 17, 2014

Here are the patch notes for tomorrow morning's EverQuest game update (server downtime estimated from 5 A.M. to 8 A.M. Pacific Time):

*** Highlights ***

- Implemented several requests from SOE Live! These items are marked with an asterisk in the notes below.
- Players now have the ability to sell all of the items within a container in the merchant window. See details in the UI section. *
- The forges of Rallos Zek have been issuing new helms to the minions in Plane of War. There are also rumors that the Grandmaster has been given a special helm. (New Hero's Forge helms are available in Plane of War)
- A new unit of currency, the Noble, is now circulating in Norrath! You can use it to transfer very large amounts of currency at once. You can buy them from "Noble Exchange" merchants found near banks in starting cities, certain camps of transients, the Plane of Knowledge, and the Bazaar. *

Firefall: Update 1.1 - Elemental Destruction

When we looked at Firefall only six weeks ago, we actually had a really good time! Red 5 Studios is looking to keep the game fresh with its first major patch: Update 1.1 - Elemental Destruction.

The update focuses on added elemental effects to weapons and improved encounters (see notes).

Age of Wushu
Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny Announced

The flowers blossom as fresh powers form. In the heat of the summer swelter, tensions flare and forces collide. All things come to an end, as the decay of autumn is swept into the cold of winter on the Winds of Destiny.

Scheduled for an October release, Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny will be the sixth free expansion for the martial arts MMO. In Winds of Destiny, players will be able to enjoy a new area, the Companions system, and more.

EverQuest II
Members-Only Double Experience Weekend!

Announced this morning:

All Access members will receive double adventuring, tradeskill and AA experience between Noon PT on Friday, September 19th and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, September 21st.

ArcheAge: Available Now

ArcheAge has been released...again!

XLGames' open-world MMORPG was released in Korea in January 2013. Trion Worlds took it upon themselves to bring the lands of Erenor to Europe and North America. Today is launch day!

Final Fantasy XIV
Eorzea Examiner #23: Classes and Jobs, Pt. 3

Hello and welcome to the 23rd edition of the Eorzea Examiner, ZAMs column on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. For this weeks column, we’re taking a look at another class from the Final Fantasy series. In the previous columns where we played armchair class designer, we were always starting off with a simple base. There was always work to do with differentiating the class from others and choosing resource systems, but at their core the classes always had a solid base. At their core an Engineer or a Thief fits into an MMO just as easily as a White Mage or a Warrior – they fill a Holy Trinity role and their skills are all built around actions taken in combat. Not all Final Fantasy classes are that easy of a fit though. Adding an Engineer is simple enough, but how does one make a Chemist work in an MMO?

City of Steam
City of Steam to Launch New European Server

City of Steam: Arkadia will be launching their new EU server on Wednesday, September 17th! This launch will coincide with v2.8.0 (patch notes), which introduces the new Stance System, Cross-server Ladder Tournament and more. Keep an eye out for two new server events, which brings the total possible to nine.

Nexus Talk: Episode 69 - Free to Play

Nexus Talk Episode 69 has crash-landed, and Richie Procopio considers the ultimate taboo for any MMO: should WildStar go free-to-play? "Haberdashery," you say, "of course not." Let's listen!

Final Fantasy XI
Alter Ego Expo Redux!

 The Alter Ego Expo for Final FAntasy XI has returned! Starting September 24th and running through to October 9th, players will find their favorite alter egos of the Trust Initiative more powerful than before, with maximum HP and MP increased by 50% and a strong resistance to status ailments implemented as well!


What challenges do you intend to face with your stronger NPC allies? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!



Letter From the Producer

Some items touched upon in the latest Letter From the Producer: Beta recruitment and release/ordering information for The Darkened Sea expansion; Player Studio robes; the Plane of War's "flaming helm"; and changes in this week's patch:

Hello Norrath!

It’s been about a month since SOE Live and in my opinion it was best SOE Live event ever. I was extremely pleased and excited to see the increased participation and interaction between you and our team over the course of this year. It has to be the most positive response I have seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you did too.

Well, we’re all back in the office and the team is focusing on The Darkened Sea Expansion coming to you in just over a month. We will begin our expansion Beta tomorrow (September 16, 2014) and it will run through October 24, 2014. The Early Access launch of The Darkened Sea for All-Access members starts on October 28, 2014. If you have not signed up for our Beta period yet, I urge you do that now to get in as early as possible to check things out. You can SIGN UP HERE.