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Friday Update Arcade: Episode 9

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's latest installment of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • The Dark Below, Destiny's first expansion, and some surrounding controversy
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth launches, and is mostly well-received
  • The Evil Within gets some long-awaited patching
  • YouTube gets an update (60fps!)
  • Dragon Age Keep goes Open Beta
  • Telltale Games continues being mysterious
  • Upcoming games! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, and more!

General News
Film Friday: Fourteen New Trailers (Part 2)

Missed Part 1? Catch it here!

Who's got two thumbs and absolutely nothing catchy to write in this intro? This gal! Don't worry though—there's still seven more trailers coming your way, enjoy and have a great weekend!

General News
Film Friday: Fourteen New Trailers (Part 1)

I would say something cliché about spooky things and Halloween, but seriously, I got nothing. So instead let's just sit back and enjoy the first seven of fourteen new trailers coming your way this week!

EverQuest II
The City Festival Starts Tonight!

With all the excitement of Nights of the Dead and Altar of Malice beta it'd be easy to forget that November 1st will bring us the Freeport City Festival!  The festival is planned to start on November 1st at 12:01am PDT and run until November 7th at 11:59pm PST. You can find the Far Seas Caravan in the Commonlands between the Crossroads and the Freeport Griffon Tower.

An Aether Race will also be available in Commonlands during the festival. Participate and achieve a time of 119 seconds or less to earn the Portal Jumper prefix title! Begin the race by speaking to the referee near the docks.

Final Fantasy XI
Linkshell Concierges to be Added

 Are you a starting player having a hard time trying to find a linkshell for new players? Do you wish you could get other people into your brand new linkshell specifically suited for Hard Mode fights? You're in luck, for  a brand new Linkshell Concierge system is slated to be added in the upcoming November update. This system, with various NPCs across Vana'diel catering to specific event types, will allow players to find and match up linkshells looking for members with players needing linkshells!

What do you think of this new system? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

General News
TOME: Immortal Arena to Launch Soon on Steam

KIXEYE has revealed that their upcoming MOBA, TOME: Immortal Arena, will launch November 21, 2014 on Steam. Coinciding with the launch, TOME: Immortal Arena will also debut a new 5v5 map called “Sanctuary”.

General News
The Steam Halloween Sale Has Begun!

Valve wants to be sure that your PC is appropriately haunted so today marks the kickoff of the Steam Halloween Sale! Running until 10am Pacific on Monday, November 3rd, enjoy savings on a wide selection of games which mostly involve a lot of horror, zombies or vampires.

Go check out the sale now!

General News
Xbox: November's Free Games

Microsoft's Games with Gold program continues with more great offers for Xbox Live members in November!

General News
PlayStation Plus November Game Collection

A new month is quickly approaching and on Tuesday, November 4th a fresh batch of free PlayStation Plus games will be available! As always, the collection features several games for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

The Darkened Sea: Thuliasaur Island

Thuliasaur Island is one of eight new zones in EverQuest's 21st expansion, The Darkened Sea, which launched for All-Access members this past Tuesday, October 28 (it launches Tuesday, November 11, for Free-To-Play players). Here is a look:

For thousands of years, dinosaurs ruled a remote island to the south of the Buried Sea. It is thought that long ago, dragons once deposited eggs on this island so that these dinosaurs could live in peace as the rest of their race eventually died off. After all, biologically, dinosaurs are cousins to the mighty dragons.