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Wugachug Token
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Wugachug Rare Exploration
Rare coins placed throughout Sacred Grove. Only true adventurers willing to search and explore will find them all.

This is a Rare Exploration collection.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Wugachug.

Find Wugachug Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

Find a token at the following locations:
  • Two Trees
  • The Ledge of Relaxation
  • Snowy Peaks
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  • Snowy Peaks - If you take the cobblestone path all the way to the brewery, on the mountain wall behind it, the token should be viewable by looking up. To reach it, take the path that leads to Sweetwater Climb. When you are behind the building, look to the right for a couple of trees on the rocks. Climb up to the first tree, go behind the second tree, and over to the hill with the token.

  • Two Trees - The two trees are located north-northwest of the Wugachug Warpstone. They look different than all the other trees around them! From the warpstone look WNW and you will see them. They look like large oaks. The hill between the trees and the warpstone can be climbed, it's just a little tricky to find the ledges.

  • The Ledge of Relaxation - The ledge is located southwest of the waterfalls by Wugachug; it is grassy with a single tree on it (similar to the trees at the last token). From the previous location, head west up the hill, beyond the tree, and jump down onto the ledge. The token is to your left, behind the tree.

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