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Free Realms

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Esc Opens Game options and exit the game
F10 Hides the graphical user interface
F12 Screenshot
PrtScn Screenshot
C Opens the Jobs and Equipment window
Enter Opens the chat box
I Opens the inventory window
J Opens the Job selection window
L Opens the Quest Log window
M Brings up the Game Map
Num Lock Autorun
P Opens the Pet Window
Spacebar Jump
Tab Targets the nearest enemy in combat this only works on enemies while in combat or a dungeon, Tab does not select NPC's or Player Characters

/ (Slash) Commands

Slash Commands are special in game commands that perform an in game function such as calling a menu or speaking in a specific group or to a specific person.

/ (Slash) Commands List

/tell This command sends a whisper message directly to another player. To use this command type /tell then the full player's name in quotations. Example: /tell "Michael Tallstrider" Hello!
/g or /group This command sends a sends a message that the all players you are grouped with can see. In addition it will display your text in a bubble above your head.
/report "firstname lastname" report message This command sends a message that reports the individual listed in the "firstname lastname".
/absnbd This command will enlarge the head of all npcs and your player character
/omglilimh This command will shrink the head of all npcs and your player character

Emote Commands

Emotes allow your character to act like they are happy or sad and can be used to make your character dance. There are two ways to start Emote commands. You can choose an Emote from the Emote chooser or you can type an Emote command into the chat window.

Emote Commands List

CategoryEmoteText Command
Thanks /thanks
Yes /yes
Wave /wave
Talk /talk
Laugh /laugh
No /no
Sleep /sleep
Point /point
Insult /insult
Congrats /congrats
Yawn /yawn
Taunt /taunt
Shrug /shrug
rofl[2] /rofl
Pray /pray
Pose /pose
Flirt /flirt
Sweet Moves
Beg /beg
Air Guitar /airguitar
Groove no command
Shake It no command
Twist /twist
Twirl /twirl
Flex /flex
Running Man no command
Get Down no command
Outfits - Legs /outfitlegs
Outfits - Shoulders /outfitshoulders
Outfits - Head /outfithead
Outfits - Feet /outfitfeet
Outfits - Chest /outfitchest
Outfits - Hands /outfithands
Outfits - All /outfitall
Give /give
Receive /receive
Trick no command
Prank /prank
Call Pet /callpet
Call /call
Giggle /giggle
Ponder /ponder
Sad /sad
Shy /shy
OMG! /omg[4]
Frustrated /frustrated
Cry /cry
Confused /confused
Curious /curious
Cheer /cheer
Bobble Head Visual Effect /ABSNBD
Shrunken Head Visual Effect /OMGLILIMH

Taking Screenshots

You can take screen shots while playing Free Realms without using print screen and pasting into a graphics program.

Clearing the Interface: F10

  • If you want to take a screenshot that doesn't include the user interface (your character's portrait, the chat window, the mini map, etc) press F10.

Taking a Screenshot: PrtScn

  • To take a screenshot press PrtScn. You'll be shown a preview. The screenshot is then saved in a folder on your computer. You also have the option to click "Share" and post the screenshot to Facebook or Twitter.

Finding Your Screenshots:

  • Windows XP [5]:
C:\Program Files\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Free Realms\ImageCaptureOutput\

  • Windows Vista [6]:
C:\Users\{your account name}\AppData\LocalLow\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Free Realms\ImageCaptureOutput\

  • Windows 7:
C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\Free Realms\ImageCaptureOutput\

Video Capture

You can record video in Free Realms using the in game video capture feature. To turn on video capture you will have to enable the feature in the game options. Warning: Video capture will take up several hundred megabytes of space for every minute of video. Use wisely!

Enable Video Capture

  1. Game Options - You can open the game options by hitting the Esc key.
  2. Video - Select the video options in the Game Options Menu
  3. Video Capture - Click the circle next to Video Capture to enable Video Capture

Recording Video In Game

  1. Click the Camcorder Icon Next to the Mini Map
  2. Click the button at the far right to begin recording. This button will have a red square in the center of the button.

References & Credits

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  4. ^ omg: oh my gosh, the Free Realms emote for omg will make the character appear shocked and amazed.
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