Feisty Floren! (FR Battle)  

Feisty Floren!
There is a video walkthrough of this battle available here.
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Feisty Floren! center

Click on Feisty Floren in Wilds North to begin this battle.

Corrupted Floren are absorbing the life out of the wilderness around them! Stop them before the land becomes barren!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 99 Stars 74 

Primary: Defeat the Floren!Coins 13 Stars 11 

Bonus:  Restore Nature!

Don't get knocked out 3 times!
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For the bonus of restoring nature, you must click the various green floating globes you find throughout the battle instance. They spawn periodically throughout the fight in random locations, and will continue to spawn after all mobs have been defeated.

Clicking on the green globes will result in the bonus counter being advanced, and a beautiful flower appears nearby.

Nature Globe
Globe Created Flower

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