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December 21, 2011

December 13-15, 2011

December 6-8, 2011

  • Snow Days has returned for another year! It is set to run until the week of January 18, 2012.
  • More of the Snow Days items have been added to the Coin Shop and Marketplace.
  • There was a Snow Days webcast to kick off the holiday celebration!

December 1, 2011

  • As of today, when you receive your monthly TCG pack, it will be a Baron von Darkcheat Booster Pack.
  • Once again, the way new characters are introduced to the game has changed. In an effort to make the game "friendlier" to new characters, a small introduction area has been added just south of the Highroad Junction Warpstone. New NPC's help players get familiar with Combat, Cooking, Housing, Kart Racing, Mining, Pirates' Plunder, and the Trading Card Game.
  • You can start getting prepared for this year's Snow Days celebration! Some of the Marketplace items have returned today. Most everything else will be added in next week's update.
  • Speaking of the holidays -- this year's Special Pet, which will help raise money for the Child's Play Charity, is a unicorn named Snowflake.
  • A screenshot button has been added to the main toolbar.
  • Various bugs were fixed.

November 23, 2011

  • The remaining Spooktacular items have now been removed for another year.
  • Some bugs were squashed in the Trading Card Game. However, many players are still having great difficulty with the game crashing when they try to play the TCG.

November 15-17, 2011

  • The Trading Card Game is getting an update! Series 3 will go live on November 17th. This includes several items in the Marketplace:
  • Mark Tuttle, the Executive Producer of the FR TCG, posted a Producer's Letter to tell you about it. The letter includes links to all of the preview info.
  • There is also a Super Secret Stuff video and a Webcast about it, posted on the FR YouTube channel.
  • To celebrate this expansion, prices for all TCG items have been permanently lowered! And the Treasure War item prices will be lowered sometime in the near future!
  • The Turkey Hat and the Turkey Outfit have returned for another Thanksgiving. They will be available until December 7th.
  • Changes were, again, made to Merigold's quest dialogue. Merigold is the first NPC that all new characters interact with.
  • The quest icon colors have been changed. They are now mostly blue, to give more contrast against the mostly-green environment of the game.
  • The Turtle pet pal has finally been added to the Coin Shop.
  • November's Member Pack has been distributed.
  • Even though we were told that Spooktacular would run until November 23rd, all of the quests have already been removed. The items still remain in the Marketplace and the Coin Shop.

November 8-10, 2011

  • This week's hotfixes include:
    • The on-screen notifications have been moved up near the top of the screen, so as not to block game play.
    • The Playground and Pet Center have been removed from Highroad Junction.
    • Various behind-the-scenes fixes.
  • The Live Gamer Exchange service is being discontinued in Free Realms, EverQuest 2, and Vanguard. See the full story for more details.

November 2-3, 2011

  • The last day to claim the Free Realms Letterman Jacket from the Twenty Million Registered Players Celebration was October 31st.
  • Free Realms Animation Lead, Floyd Bishop has posted another Super Secret Stuff video on the FR YouTube channel.
  • There were a number of hotfixes:
    • The Ask for Help feature now works in-game.
    • Character names display correctly now while riding the kangaroo.
    • The chat channel bug has been fixed.
    • New characters now have 5 minutes of "alone time" when they enter the game for the first time. They will not see nor have any interaction with any other players during that first 5 minutes.
  • Another feature that's been added for new characters is a reward system. If you stay logged in at least 30 minutes during your first 3 visits, you will receive the following:
  • We've been told that the Turtle pet pal will be added to the Coin Shop at some point soon, for everyone to be able to purchase.
  • As proof that Free Realms developers do listen to what players have to say, the coin rewards have been removed from the Mystery Chests!
  • The girls' Super Hero Outfit has returned to the Marketplace.

October 26-28, 2011

  • More Spooktacular items have been added!
  • There's been a new treasure system added to the game! Mystery Chests have been added to many of the dungeons, and will possibly drop when you defeat the final boss. Some terrific items can be found exclusively inside, including the Fan-Faire-inspired Kangaroo ride! Unfortunately, to open these chests, you have to buy a key for SC 200 .
    • You can only earn one chest per day per character from battle. However, since the chests are tradeable, you can open any chests that are traded to you -- of course, you'll have to buy a key for each one.
    • Everything received in the chests (so far), except for the ride, is tradeable.
  • As of October 28th, the amount of SC that a new account receives for free has been reduced to SC 199 . This was done to stop people from creating new accounts, buying a chest key, and trading the gained Mystery Chest item to their main account.
  • New characters are met with an updated intro experience. Merigold is now a human NPC, and she has a new quest that's introduced automatically upon first log-in.
  • An SOE Trick-or-Treat Event will run from October 28th to 31st. Each day of the event that you log-in to the game, you'll receive a free "treat". Other SOE games are participating as well.
  • A number of various bugs were fixed.

October 20-21, 2011

  • Free Realms has reached a new milestone! To celebrate passing the mark of twenty million registered players, every character received a Free Realms Letterman Jacket. See our story for more details.
  • The October 2011 Member's Pack arrived with today's update. Each character on a member's account should receive the items automatically on first log in.
  • Some new items, and some returning ones, have been added to the Spooktacular event.
  • Some of the bugs that were reported with the Spooktacular quests have been fixed.

October 14, 2011

  • There have been quite a number of hotfixes since the September 26th update. Apparently this last batch of content created a swarm of bugs, including not being able to chat in-game or in TCG, housing items disappearing, not receiving coins from the farmer's market, graphic effects not disappearing, and mouse lag on most minigames, among others. Many have been fixed, but others still linger, making game-play difficult for many people.
  • Free Realms became available on the PS3 in Europe on September 28th! For more info, please see our full story.
  • To celebrate SOE pre-paid game cards being made available in Europe, a Double SC Event was held October 7-10. This was limited to the new European cards only. See our news story for further details.
  • Spooktacular has returned to the game for this year! All of the quests have returned, along with many of the Station Cash items. Community Ambassador Zatozia has said that more will be added as the event continues. It is expected to run until November 23, 2011.

September 26, 2011

  • A new minigame has been added! It's called Spot the Difference and you have to determine what's different between 2 versions of the same picture. The pictures used are of Free Realms characters and scenes.
  • Members' names now appear in a orange-gold color. Non-members' names still appear using the original blue-green.
  • There is a new in-game message system. An envelope icon has been added to the Chat box (below the emote icon), which will "dance" when you have a message. When you redeem an item, this is how you claim it now - no more "dancing present." This is incoming messages only, for now - sent by the game.
  • You must now pay Station Cash to change your name. There's a new Character Name Change scroll in the Marketplace, which you must purchase to allow you to submit a new name for approval. No word yet if you get a refund of the SC, if the name is not approved.
  • Some farming improvements have been made: a few mannequins and sample products have been added to the Preview Farms, and the Farming tutorial quests have been revamped.
  • There were also a number of bug fixes:
    • Lights in the VIP Club House basement now move
    • The Astro Helmet now shows as the correct color on everyone
    • When you ignore someone that is on your friends list, that person is removed from the list
    • The Sprinkler correctly works with one click now
    • The contents of the Battle Item Mystery Pack is now displayed on the screen, when you win this prize on a Prize Wheel
  • The Hippo pet has returned to the Marketplace!
  • Most of the pets now use the "Color it Yourself" option! Rather than having several set colors, you can now choose from all 14 Marketplace colors. This option has been added to the previously-single-colored Treeble and Penguin as well.
  • There seems to have been a glitch that allowed all members to receive a Small Wilds House on first log-in after this update.

September 15, 2011

  • The Tiki Torch has been added to the Marketplace. Until now, this has only been available from the Rob Robbie quest treasure chest and as a free ad item (for US residents).

September 2, 2011

  • The September 2011 Member's Pack was distributed yesterday. Every character on every member account should have it pop up when next logging in.
  • The Back to School Bonanza promotion starts today. You can get double SC from online purchases and pre-paid cards. All of the New School items are half price. See the SOE notice for more details.
  • Another promotion that starts today is the Hall Pass. For $14.99, you get membership until the end of the year, a credit of 250SC per month (1,000SC total), and a free Hall Pass Backpack. For more information, see the news article.
    • Current Lifetime members will automatically receive the 250SC per month and the backpack.
    • If you're already on any other membership plan, then you will receive credit in SC for any remaining time.
  • The Hall Pass Backpack is in the Marketplace, in case you would like to purchase one in another color, or for another character.

August 26, 2011

August 19, 2011

August 12, 2011

  • The Super Fan Summer Sizzle begins today. There's a 30% discount on SC purchased online and there's an Item of the Day on sale each day of the promotion. See our story for more details.

August 4, 2011

  • Fortunately for those of us that did not go to Fan Faire, an error was made and every Free Realms member account received the 2011 Fan Faire Pack. Zatozia posted that the people that actually attended Fan Faire will receive other items to make up for this mistake.
  • The good new is that it looks like we will be getting advance notice about items being removed or events ending. The bad news is that the Uncle Sam Outfit and the 3 Summer Sparklers will be leaving the Marketplace on August 10.

July 28, 2011

  • Free Realms has a new Producer! His name is Harvey "Captain Flametalon" Burgess and he has posted his first Producer's Letter. If you happened to catch it, we were actually introduced to him during one of the Fan Faire panels (around minute 50).
  • The bug where whispers were not being delivered across servers has been fixed, thankfully!
  • In the Marketplace, we have the return of more Summer items:
  • The Scarecrow and Sprinkler are now "Color Yourself".
  • There are new free ad items popping up on the profile page, related to ThunderCats (© Warner Brothers)

July 21, 2011

  • Zatozia has posted update notes for this week over on the Official Forums. Let's hope this trend continues! Most of this update was related to Farming:
    • You can continuously plant the same seed, without having to choose the seed each time, because of the new Seed Bag Tool.
    • You can remove an unwanted seed with the new Scythe Tool.
    • There have been updates to the Farming Misfortune System -- that's the farming pests (which ones, how often, how many, and how bad).
    • Changes to the Farm Clearing Rewards means that you can get rewarded for weeding your own farm now. Plus there's now rewards for clearing the rocks and trees.
    • Improvements to Farming Experience was actually added a little early (see July 15, below).
    • A new plant is available and Briarapple Farming Nodes have been added in the Nettleseed and Bristlewood sections of Briarwood.
    • All plant nodes have overhead icons and Minimap locations now.
    • The Briarwood Farm has new quests and new Farmers' Market recipes and rewards.
    • New Marketplace items: Briarapple Seed, Briarwood Farm, Crop Duster, Plants Dance Boombox, Scarecrow, Sprinkler, and Vaultberry Seed Packet.
  • Both the June and July Member's Packs were delivered automatically to each character on every member account.

July 15, 2011

  • There was a small Farming update -- the number of stars earned by each plant has increased and you can earn stars by clearing the soil after harvesting. Both of these make it easier to level up your farm!

July 1, 2011

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