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Warpstone Overview
Warpstones are large, floating, stones with glowing blue lines tracing its surface. There is a Warpstone in each town and area in the game. Once you have physically traveled to an area and been exposed to the unique energy of that Warpstone, you can use the Atlas (Map) to teleport to that location at any time from anywhere in the world. This makes it very important to explore and discover as many of the Warpstones as you can early in your career.
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Major Warpstones

Major Warpstones generally will take you to important locations on the atlas, such as Towns.

Minor Warpstones

Minor Warpstones generally will take you to less notable places on the atlas, such as various villages, sections further inside large towns, or Wilds locations that are more isolated from other Warpstones.

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