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There are two basic phases to Crafting in Free Realms: Matching and Making.

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Matching is how you acquire the harvested resources you need. Chef and Miner are both Matching jobs.

As a Chef you use the {{frgame|Harvesting|Harvesting minigame]] at any of the Farms to gather the fruits and vegetables you need. Each farm has a different set of fruits and vegetables you can get from there. Some are available at all farms, some come from a single farm, only!

As a Miner you use the {{frgame|Mining|Mining minigame]] at any of the Mines to gather the ore and gems, which are used by the Blacksmith. There are also Rich Mining Nodes, found in the same basic areas as the mines but also peppered throughout the world, that have a much higher density of ore and gems than the mine nodes and so are easier to gather from.

As a Blacksmith you use the Forge minigame at any Forge to make weapons, clothing, and accessories.

NOTE: Postman also uses Matching for Mail Sorting minigames, but Postman is not a Crafting job. The Archaeology Nodes for the Artifacts Schmartifacts! minigame also uses Matching.

There are 3 skills that are used by the Matcher:

  • Matcher's Advantage - Slows the timer during matching mini games.
  • Matcher's Skill - increases the quantity of power-up tiles in the minigame.
  • Matcher's Timing - increases the starting time on the clock, and the amount of time you gain from completing chains.


Making uses Cooking to make the items that you can use, sell, or trade.

As a Chef you use any of the Cooking minigames at any Cooking Tables to make food.

There are 3 skills that are used by the Maker:

  • Maker's Reach - Increases smash hammer radius during cooking
  • Maker's Sense - Increases chopping speed during cooking
  • Maker's Speed - Decreases the speed of meat during cooking

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