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Free Realms
Battles are both the statically-located dungeons and the wandering creatures found throughout the world.

Wandering encounters are easily identified by the suffix. If the page is in the FR_Place: namespace, it is a dungeon (and it will be in Category:Dungeons), but if it is a Wandering Creature, the page name suffix is (FR Battle).

Category: Free Realms
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Alpha Wolf! (FR Battle) Ambushed! (FR Battle) Band of Robgoblins! (FR Battle)
Bergram Stumpfinger's Ghost (FR Battle) Bigfoot's Lair (FR Battle) Bigfoot Defender (FR Battle)
Bixies Gone Wild! (FR Battle) Brugo's Fishing Spot (FR Battle) Brutus the Brute! (FR Battle)
Cake-Eating Cakelings (FR Battle) Cakenstein Attacks! (FR Battle) Call of the Wildest! (FR Battle)
Chugawump! (FR Battle) Crafty Robgoblins (FR Battle) Cray Marauders (FR Battle)
Eight-Legged Monstrosities! (FR Battle) Explosive Robgoblins! (FR Battle) Feisty Floren! (FR Battle)
Fleetfoot Ninja! (FR Battle) Frostfang Growler! (FR Battle) Frostfang Snarlers! (FR Battle)
Grave Danger! (FR Battle) Heartbreakers (FR Battle) Hooligan Brawling Club! (FR Battle)
Hooligan Bullies! (FR Battle) Ice Troll Scout! (FR Battle) Introducing Bullseye! (FR Battle)
Moldy Shamblers! (FR Battle) Mudshell (FR Battle) Mushroom Mania! (FR Battle)
Nettleseed Nibblers! (FR Battle) Oasis of Peril! (FR Battle) Petty Yetis! (FR Battle)
Pixie Hunters! (FR Battle) Prince of the Low Tide! (FR Battle) Return to Sender! (FR Battle)
Robgoblin Adept Trouble! (FR Battle) Robgoblin Camp! (FR Battle) Robgoblin Creek! (FR Battle)
Robgoblin Geomancer! (FR Battle) Robgoblin Pondblasters! (FR Battle) Robgoblin Troublemakers! (FR Battle)
Seaside Swoopers (FR Battle) Shady Smugglers! (FR Battle) Snakes in a Maze! (FR Battle)
Snatching Snappers! (FR Battle) Spawn of Necrosis (FR Battle) Stealthy Despoilers (FR Battle)
Stone Heart's Hideaway (FR Battle) The Bandit Thugamug (FR Battle) The Missing Sisters (FR Battle)
The Mushroom Gigas! (FR Battle) Thugamug (FR Battle) Thugawug Bandits! (FR Battle)
Thugawug Bumbler! (FR Battle) Thugawug Sneak! (FR Battle) Thugawug Thug! (FR Battle)
Tormented Spirits! (FR Battle) Treasure of the Bone Shaman! (FR Battle) Troll Summoner Madness! (FR Battle)
Vampire Dance Practice (FR Battle) Venomous Frogs! (FR Battle) Vulture Watch! (FR Battle)
Werewolf Dance Practice (FR Battle) When Plants Attack! (FR Battle) Wraiths of Wrath! (FR Battle)