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Free Realms

Adventurers seek the thrills of exploring the wilderness, finding others who need their assistance, and picking up interesting trinkets along the way.

Job Type: Freestyle

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As an Adventurer, you will gain your levels through completing collections and completing quests that are part of the "main" quest line in Free Realms. Whether it be a collection from picking up some fossils in Blackspore's swamps, or just strolling through and noting the various places of interest in Seaside, this is the highlife for the explorer in you!

Rare Collections

Rare collections are a crucial part of leveling your adventurer skill and obtaining the clothing items. Rare collection items can be spotted by their moving sparkling coins which must be clicked to collect. Coins associated with towns have the icon for the town. The Sanctuary and Wilds coins use the Sanctuary tree logo. While they're hard to find, at least you know when you've got one, unlike normal exploration where sometimes the trigger spots can be a pain to find even though you know you're in the right general location.

In-town locations are often behind, inside, or underneath things. Out-of town locations require lots of running, climbing, and looking around. Sometimes you can see the coin and have to figure out how to reach it, which may involve some route plotting and a jump in just the right spot. Some require swimming, but are always on top of the water, never below.

Collection names often provide hints to help find the location. The Wilds Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest collections are relative to Sanctuary as the central point.

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