#EverQuestTogether & folding@home

#EverQuestTogether & folding@home

Starting yesterday at 12pm PDT, all TLP servers were unlocked except for Lockjaw and Fippy, for those who are free to play. They will stay unlocked until May 8th.

There is also a 10% off sale on Bottle of Adventure I, Bottle of Adventure II, and Bottle of Adventure III.  Also a sale on the biggest bags that's available for the type of server you play on. This sale will continue until April 24th.

Darkpaw Games has also reset the Everquest Celebration Pack and Everquest Celebration Bundle so if you haven't purchased them or want to purchase them again, now is your chance! If you would like to take a look at how to purchase these, go to https://www.everquest.com/packs



Allakhazam has been helping out with the folding@home project again by running the client to help research the coronavirus. If you would like to help out and want more information on what this project is doing for coronavirus, visit https://foldingathome.org/covid19/ and join our Allakhazam group by putting in 85020 for the team number during the set up for the program.

The Allakhazam group has been crunching data for the folding@home project for quite some time now. You can check out our numbers at https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/85020


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