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Sacred Grove / FR Place
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{{FR Place

The above Usage Diagram is at FR Place Usage.


The regional "place" this place is found within. The default is "Sacred Grove", which was the only region available at the time of launch.
(OPTIONAL, Case Insensitive) Subcategory. Region, Town, Warpstone, Dungeon, Speedway, Farm, Mine, House (for houses and housing lots), Business, Lot (lot is for farm lots). Blank creates no extra categories.
This is ONLY for places that are inside a larger place, like a town. Put the name of the town (or dungeon, or whatever) here. Adds link to Category:<place> Places (FR).
(OPTIONAL) Brief description of the place.
(OPTIONAL) Brief explanation of this place's relative position to other major places.
(OPTIONAL) Mailbox address of the place, if applicable. Example: address=1 Icecrest Court


If this page's Media tab has one or more pictures on it, the top-most picture will be displayed at the top of the info box. This should be a picture that includes readily-identifiable landmarks.

If you have uploaded a better picture than one that was already there, edit the page and add the following tag:

{{Admin Needed|FR|Please promote my new picture}}


If type is not blank:

Possible Subcategories

Possible Error Categories


You can see an excellent example of this template in use, at Briarwood.

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