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Allakhazam credits this post by Pex at the SOE Official Forums for the guide to creating a guild.

Creating a Guild

Steps 1 - 3
A guild can be formed by any character who has reached level 15 in at least one job. Once a guild has been formed, anyone who is not already in a guild can be invited to join. Becoming part of a guild is as simple as clicking ‘yes' to the invitation.

Once you accept an invitation to a guild you will have the rank of Recruit. The guild's Leaders can promote you to the rank of Leader, Officer or Member. Officers can invite and remove guild Members and Recruits.

Follow these easy steps to start a guild:

  1. Open your Friends List
  2. Click on the new guild button (it has the little shield on it).
  3. If you are not already in a guild, you will see a “Create Guild” button. Go ahead and click it.
Step 4
4. Pick a name for your guild. Once you have your name typed in, click the button with the golden shield to submit it for approval. Until your guild name has been approved it will have a temporary name.
Steps 5 - 6
5. After you create your guild's name, you will see your name in the guild list. The little star next to your name means that you are a guild Leader.

6. To invite more people to your guild, you will need to send them an invitation. To invite another player the player must be online and on the same server as you are at the time you send the invitation. Enter the name of the character you would like to invite in the guild window. Once the name of the character you would like to invite to your guild is typed into the add guild member area, press the button to the right to send that character an invitation to your guild.

If you are inviting characters who are already on your Friends List, you can hover over their name and invite them to your guild by clicking the guild button.

Recruiting a Friend
Step 7
Once they accept your invitation, they will show up in the window as a member of your guild. In our example, we are inviting our friend Amber Moltenshield.

7. Once another player has accepted the guild's invitation, his or her name will show up in the guild window. You can hover over characters names just like in your friends list to make groups, locate and teleport to them or send a whisper.

If you are a Leader of the guild you can promote other guild members to higher ranks or remove a player from the guild by using the promote button.

Name with Guild Tag
Guild Chat
Once you are part of a guild, everyone will see your guild's name above your head!

As a guild member you can click on the “Guild” tab to talk with other guild members. No one outside of your guild can see what is being said. If you are looking at one of the other chat tabs, you can type /gu before your message. This will send your chat to the guild instead of one of the other chat tabs.

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