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As of November 5, 2009, this job is free to sample through level 4. As you finish level 4 you will be prompted to buy Membership. If you do not become a Member you will be able to change to the job, but none of the job-specific minigames or quests will be available to you.
Free Realms
Members Only

Come rain, wind, snow or sleet, the Postman is responsible for delivering all the important deliveries in Free Realms. Mailboxes and other Postmen often host quests and challenges that require someone fleet of foot and swift of mind to sort and deliver packages on time. Don't be late!

Job Type: Other

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Postman is a freestyle job. You gain experience with each successful completion of a mini game. Each mini game is timed so keep your eye on your clock. Tasks vary from delivering mail on time to retrieving scattered mail. The mini game will become more complicated as you level by adding obstacles to slow you down. Watch out for dogs!

While Postmen have abilities, these abilities are only available during the postman minigames.

Quest Series

  1. Postman: Can You Deliver? from Felipe in Sanctuary
  2. Postman: Mail Marksman from Felipe in Sanctuary (use mail toss/deliver mail ability)
  3. Postman: Beware of Ankle Biters from Felipe in Sanctuary (use bone throw ability)
  4. Postman: It's a Postal Disaster! from Flitter in Sanctuary
  5. Postman: Sort of a Mess from Flitter in Sanctuary
  6. Postman: Running the Route from Flitter in Sanctuary
  7. Postman: Special Delivery from Felipe in Sanctuary
  8. Postman: Achieve Level 5 to continue the Postman Quest Series.
  9. Postman: Bixie Buds from Felipe in Sanctuary
  10. Postman: Beautiful Bouquet from Honey in Sanctuary
  11. Postman: Missing Mail from Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale
  12. Postman: Mail Mix-Up from Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale
  13. Postman: And the Winner Is... from Postmaster Vixie in Merry Vale
  14. Postman: It's a Breeze! from Enaine in Seaside
  15. Postman: Achieve Level 10 from Enve LeStampin Seaside
  16. Postman: Invitation Only from Enve LeStamp in Seaside
  17. Postman: Where's the Sasparilla from Enve LeStamp in Seaside
  18. Postman: Jug Clean Up from Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  19. Postman: Sorting it Out from Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  20. Postman: Achieve level 15 from Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  21. Postman: Fair Warning from Postchug Runalug in Wugachug
  22. Postman: What a Mess! from Loryn in Snowhill
  23. Postman: A Plea for Help from Loryn in Snowhill
  24. Postman: Biting Back from Loryn in Snowhill
  25. Postman: Summit in Shrouded Glade from Loryn in Snowhill
  26. Postman: Beware of Dogs from Brin Galeglow in Shrouded Glade
  27. Postman: Mile High Mail from Brin Galeglow in Shrouded Glade
  28. Postman: Always on Time from Brin Galeglow in Shrouded Glade
  29. Postman: Trail of Mail from Postmaster Lane in Shrouded Glade
  30. Postman: Outpost Ordeal from Emahl in the PCA Camp

Mailbox Minigame Locations

The following minigames are unlocked by completing the Postman Quest Series. Once unlocked, these minigames are repeatable.

Merry Vale



Pixiewood Hills

Sanctuary Post Office

Shrouded Glade



Postman Clothes

1SnailSanctuary Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
2Flat RateSanctuary Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
4TelegramSanctuary Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
6ParcelSeaside Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
8PriorityMerry Vale Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
10CertifiedWugachug Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
12SpecialWugachug Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
14ExpressWugachug Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
16Same DaySnowhill Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
18GlobalShrouded Glade Mail Sorting, Coin Shop
20First-ClassShrouded Glade Mail Sorting, Snowhill Mail Sorting


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