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Free Realms

These are all guides to Free Realms written by players. There's a lot of good information here! We'd welcome your contribution if you have a guide to share!

Stuff in the Game

  • Collections - Where DO you find that whatsit for your collection, anyway? Look here?
  • In-Game Commands - A list of "slash commands"
  • Portraits - How to take and use portraits in Free Realms.
  • Stars - What Stars are and how they are used
  • Harvesting and Mining Locations - A list of places to mine and harvest
  • Dungeons - A list of dungeons in Free Realms
  • Pets - All you need to know about owning a pet.
  • Stats - Your character's statistics and what they do for you.

Stuff About the Game

  • Community - Links to other places that like Free Realms
  • Customer Service - How to get help with the game from SOE.
  • Screenshots - Can't find your screenshots? Try this guide!
  • Membership - a list of frequently asked Membership questions.

Category: Free Realms
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